About Ave Maris Stella


Love is what spurs us to be here with you.

We do not seek to share advice, counsel, or even act as experts.

Authentic femininity births a propulsion toward hospitality, and hospitality simply seeks for the other to be at home.

So we are inviting you into our home now.

First and foremost we have found out home in Jesus Christ, and then his Church.

Unexpectedly, we have found a home in the Blessed Virgin Mary. Though she takes no one for her own, but simply becomes the Star that points us to the safe harbor who is Jesus Christ.

We have also found a home in each other. Learning humbly the safety that true friendship fosters.

We seek that our lives be a song of praise to God the Father, but most of the time we are really bad at that.

Our lives are messy, our homes are messy, most of the time we are simply begging for the grace to just get it right, and we are not afriad to tell you about it.

Love is what brings us here, nothing more, nothing less.

We seek to share the reality of love.



Dont do Catholic? Dont do Jesus? We dont mind! Hospitality is a non-exclusive thing, so come on in! We’ve got plenty!





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