Our Lady – The first Wednesday of Advent

“You will lose your faith if you reject Our Lady,” he says it, matter-of-factly, “I’ve seen it happen.” He’s a simple priest, with an Irish brogue, and on some words he sounds english. He’s simple in the fact that he believes in Jesus and he lives it. God is real, its that simple. His eyes were filled with compassion and love as he looked upon each person he talked to. His smile and the light in his eyes reminded me of on old friend, it all reminded me of Jesus really. He talked about how God becoming man in Jesus unites all of us, and how that unity makes Mary the mother of us all. He said he’d seen it before, the strongest of the faithful crumble after the rejection of Our Lady. I imagine her love for Jesus was so perfect because of her immaculate heart, and I long to love like that. She conceived him and watched him grow, then she gave him over to all of humanity, because she knew that we were desperately in need of a savior. Mary risked her life for me, she let her heart be pierced for me, she gave her only son for me. I have made my escape, I have ran from all things good. I have shut Mary out because I don’t want to change. As I listen to him speak I wonder: maybe she is calling me to rest. No longer should I stumble around in the darkness, but to simply rest in the arms of Mary. I know that there is where I will find the light I need, the simple savior, the baby come to save us.

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