I Couldn’t get the Star on the Stupid Tree – First Sunday of Advent.

I couldn’t get the star on the stupid tree. I began to prepare for Advent a little bit before it started. I wanted to take Shannon’s advice and not be scrambling in the end. So I bought a brand new tree for my brand new apartment and I got a few decorations. I decided on a star as a topper, because every time I look at my tree I want to be reminded of the faith of the wisemen. I finally found the perfect tree topper and after a long weekend of anticipation I finally tried to get it on the darn tree and couldn’t. The wisemen set out on a journey not really knowing what would happen in the end. They left the comfort of their money, their family and their reputation. A bunch of guys who are apparently kings journeying through the desert looking for a baby? What a weird concept. But is that not what I am doing this Advent? I am wandering around looking for the Christ Child, hoping and praying that I will find him. As the wisemen set out with faith in God’s promises, I must set out this Advent in faith that God does not break his promises of faithfulness. He made a promise to me, when he gave me himself, that I am his beloved. He does not leave me abandoned. In fact, in my filth, my confusion, my mess, he steps in, humbly and quietly; approachable love, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.

Will you journey with me this Advent?

Check back for daily Advent reflections!


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