For the Love of Power Tools

Theres nothing like the smell of sawdust after a long week.

I have spent about a year now challenging myself to try things I have never tried before. I rode a horse for the first time, took a long road trip alone, and discovered a love for power tools.

For one event that I planned last year I wanted a decoration that I knew I would have to make myself, it required wood, and so I enlisted the help of my dad.

I have been around power tools all my life, but they had always seemed like a man’s thing, and I mostly just stayed away from them, because the thought of drilling a screw through my hand freaked me the heck out!

So at one point, we’re working on this project, and my dad hands me the nail gun.

My first reaction is to freak out and tell myself, “you can’t do this”. Instead, I took that nail gun, and I shot a nail straight through that wood! My dad didn’t even flinch, as if he knew I could do it all along. Later he showed me how to use a saw, and let me cut the pieces all on my own.

Needless to say, I was hooked.

We spent hours making these decorations and we had an awesome time hanging out together, the stress of that event had completely dissipated as I focused on the cuts and the look of the wood. Buy the end I was covered in sawdust from head to toe, it was in my hair, it was in my nose, and I didn’t even care.

I realized that when working with wood, I’m hyper-focused on the project, and I easily forget the demands of the day. It is an incredible stress reliever, and in the end I get something beautiful that I made myself with my own hands.

I find it beautiful that I discovered something I didn’t think I could do before is actually something I could love. Taking a bunch of pieces of wood (nothing) and turning it into something beautiful is incredibly fun!

I always wanted to use my creative energies for something I like, and now at the end of a long week, I can go and make something new!

I am a lot more crafty than I thought!

All glory to God for giving me the grace and desire to try new things in this seemingly mundane life. Learning more about myself and the person he has made me to be has been an awesome adventure!


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