Fight For Joy

I did something very uncharacteristic of “me” the other day. A little backstory- I have Psoriasis and it most often manifests on my scalp (read that as: the absolute worst kind of dandruff you could possibly have). So for the last 10 years, I have been using head and shoulders to keep it under control. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I switch it up with prescription strength or actual prescription shampoo and when it gets really bad the greasy mousse I put in my hair before bed is ravishingly beautiful…. Okay probably not but whatever.

This past year and a half I have experimented with being “crunchy.” Some of it has stuck. Other parts…. Well they live in the all natural graveyard in my basement. But its been an awesome year giving it a shot. The thing that I was most worried about was transitioning shampoos because I had been using head and shoulders for so long now (sidebar- I haven’t touched conditioner in 8 years… let that sink in!).

I walked into Lush, and asked the people who worked there what was going to work best for Psoriasis. They lead me to a shampoo bar (ask me about it sometime- but its really cool!) full of soothing plant extracts (worth a shot right?) and as she was ringing me out, she gave me a free sample of the conditioner most recommended for curly hair.

The next day I took a shower with all the new products in tow. Let me tell you what- it was the most luxurious shower I have ever taken. It smelled like I was at a spa and the level of happy I felt when I got out was astronomical (not to mention my hair was not frizzy and was soft and shiny… okay I guess conditioner may have been a good idea all those years ago after all…). I texted the PR about this new development and how happy my day was because I had started it with this wonderful shower. His response: “ I am so glad I married someone who lives in joy… coffee… a pretty picture…a girlie shower. You are full of every day joy and I love that.”

For those of you who knew Maria and I in college, when we roomed together we had big letters (cut out of my issues of Cosmo and Glamour LOL) that read: FIGHT FOR JOY. We had so many conversations about what joy was, how could we find it, and what exactly was the difference between happiness and joy? I wanted SO badly to know what this JOY was! Those letters remained on the wall, and then she made me new ones when I moved back home and I may yet commission her to make me new ones for my vanity… I digress. Staring at those words every day and trying to live them out seemed to be getting me nowhere. I didn’t notice anything different about my life. But I kept trying anyways.

Fast forward… my husband, unsolicited sent me that text. I live in every day joy. WHAT?! Then I reflected a little bit and realized- it was true! I had started to become more grateful for all of the incredible things in my life, great and small. And in living a life of gratitude, I had learned to live a life of joy. I am considering this a major victory for the week. And I plan to always keep Fighting for Joy in every aspect of my life.


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