The 7 Minute Day

7 minutes. What can happen in 7 minutes? A goal can be scored, taking away a solid lead between two hockey teams. A coffee can be made at the local Starbucks. 3 commercials will air between the scenes of a favorite show. But can anything really fulfilling happen in 7 minutes?

Recently the Permanent Roommate made a comment about doing housework. He said: “I really am trying to commit to doing things as soon as they need to be done if it will take less than a minute.” I nodded and smiled thinking: “what a great idea! I bet a lot will get done that way!”

Today I spent the morning with some girlfriends, and after we finished getting our nails done, I was faced with an errand I have been putting off all week… In my head I thought: Ill do it next week when there is more time. Then I said to my self: “Self! you have nothing to do today! Go to the church and register your family as parishioners already!” So off I went and registered. It took a whopping 7 minutes. Was 7 minutes something I really needed to save for “when there was more time”? Feeling energized by this small victory, I went to the bank to change my address and set up an appointment to do a bunch of tedious grown up stuff next weekend, and got a new debit card printed for myself. It took 15 minutes. I then stopped at a local grocery store and caught myself thinking “ah, next time I will get a rewards card. I don’t need it today.” But remembering the husband’s commitment, and the exhilarating feeling I had just experienced twice, I walked up to the counter. 7 minutes later I had a rewards card (and now I have 24 points towards gas! SCORE!).

I drove home and showered, put some  lunch on the stove and thought about making bread next week because I am just “SO” busy… But decided what the heck?! Whats another 7  minutes? Materials went into the machine and I ate my lunch. I was going to make the hubs take out the trash, but I realized it was full and I was going to need space. To be fair, this one took all of 45 seconds, so I definitely did NOT need to wait on that one. I put the dishes in the dishwasher. I unpacked my makeup and put it in the vanity space. I started, rolled and started another batch of laundry. I wrote out Mother’s Day cards and I packaged a gift for my Brother in Law’s wedding this weekend. I put away the beans I ate for lunch and put water in the pot to loosen the leftovers so I could hand wash after. And I even went to check the mailbox.

If I am being honest, I contemplated not writing this till tomorrow or maybe Saturday. But I realized it wouldn’t take me all that long to share what I had learned today. So here’s what I realized. I make these excuses for just about everything in my life but the thing I most often gloss over… *drumroll* is time talking to the Big Man. Facepalm! I know! I always think I should stop to make time in the morning, and then I think of the 8759 (maybe I’m exaggerating) things I have to do and decide that prayer can take a back burner for the day because I’ll make it up during my rosary or at night. But what if I just took 7 minutes to thank God for giving me another morning? 7 Minutes to center myself and get ready for the rest of my day? What if in just 7 minutes, I could start my day, walking through the gate of heavenly rest, enveloping myself in peace in the daily fight for joy?

The idea is intriguing and dare I say it: appealing? I think the Permanent Roommate was on to something. I am going to commit to doing things as they need to be done rather than put them off until tomorrow. And most importantly, I am renewing my commitment to becoming closer to Him each day.

It turns out 7 minutes (and a series of 7 minute tasks) gets the day done peacefully and joyfully. And a day filled with joy is a day I want to live repeatedly.


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